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5 Spindle Horizontal CNC Drilling Milling and Tapping Machine Function
   1. This machine uses Delta CNC operation system and Man-machine interface adopt 8 inch color liquid crystal display, designs easy LCD screen by ourselves, uses LCD display editing system, it learned easily and monitor or test the program by selectable PC display editing system. Through computer RS232 interface, it can PC send and execute the program by PC or transfer by USB directly.
  2. clamping with hydraulic double open vise, clamping easily, and have high accuracy repeat positioning. It sets cooling, blowing, and vise one, with the work piece displacement at the same time.
  3. Full tracking mode tapping and thread is more perfect, it can control the thread depth accuracy and have high speed.
  4. Machine body adopt complete closed protective cover, with auto left door, It easy to operation and have good security waterproof effect, With a screw conveyor, debris and cooling water is automatically separated timely and convenient.
 5. With fixed five tool storage, it can install five tools at one time.
 6. Each slide surface use auto lubrication pump to ensure the life of machine.
5 Spindle Horizontal CNC Drilling Milling and Tapping Machine Technical Parameters
Maximum drilling capability: Φ50mm
Maximum tapping capability: M45(able to milling thread)
Spindle quantity: 5
Spindle nose: ER40
Tool chuck maximum diameter: Φ25×50
Maximum tool weight: 3kg
Maximum tool length: 150mm
Machine speed: 10~10000mm/min
X/Y/Z 3 axis move speed (maximum): 60m/60m/60m/min
Each tool XY move: 40mm
Fixture: Hydraulic double open vice (jaw move: 50mm)
Spindle rotating speed: 10~3000r/min (1:2)
Spindle motor: 5.5KW
X axis work stroke: 520mm (spindle feed stroke), Servo motor: 1.5KW/200r/min
Y axis work stroke: 1900mm, Servo motor: 1.5KW/200r/min (with brake function)
Z axis work stroke: 200mm (main spindle travel), Servo motor: 2KW/200r/min
Position precision: ±0.01mm
Repeat precision: ±0.01mm
Power supply: 380V/50HZ/25KVA
Air pressure: 6-8kgf/cm2

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5 axis Horizontal CNC Drilling Milling and Tapping Machine Function
5 axis Horizontal CNC Drilling Milling ...

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